vSphere HA _FDM_ SSLv3 Configuration Utility for VMware ESXi5.5

vSphere HA (FDM) SSLv3 Configuration Utility for VMware ESXi5.5

Utility program for SSLv3 Security Protocol Configuration on vSphere HA (FDM) service.
Go through "vSphere-HA-FDM-SSL-Config-README.pdf" for details on the utility.

1. Features

  • Automatically add the advanced option das.config.vmacore.ssl.sslOptions on all HA enabled cluster and reconfigure HA on all Clustered ESXi hosts for changes to take effect.
  • Utility has inbuilt scanner intelligence (TestSSLServer) for scanning port to determine what protocols are already enabled and whether configuration was successful.
  • Utility reverts the configuration changes done, to restore the state as it was before, when there is a failure in doing configuration changes.
  • Utility can be used to apply security protocol configuration either for entire Cluster or none.
  • Utility generates report (csv file) with all Clustered ESXi server’s configuration result such as what security protocols were enabled earlier, after configuration what protocols are enabled and etc.

2. Different options available with the Utility

  • Enable SSLv3 on vSphere HA/FDM port 8182
  • Disable SSLv3 on vSphere HA/FDM port 8182

3. Prerequisites for running Utility

  • vCenter Server and ESXi Server services/ports are all configured with same version of security protocol(s). (If there are any exceptions, those are automatically considered)
  • Take backup of all vSphere HA enabled Clusters configuration (settings, rules and etc)
  • Java runtime environment /JDK where Java version is 1.7.0_45 or higher.

4. How to run the Utility?

Run from Dev IDE
  • Import files under the src/com/vmware/fdmsecprotomgmt folder into your IDE.
  • Required libraries are embedded within Runnable-Jar/fdmsecprotomgmt.jar, extract & import the libraries into the project.
  • Run the utility from 'RunApp' program by providing arguments like:
    For enabling SSLv3: --vsphereip --username adminUser --password dummyPasswd --hostsinfofile [path to hostinfofile] enablessl
    For disabling SSLv3: --vsphereip --username adminUser --password dummyPasswd --hostsinfofile [path to hostinfofile] disablessl
Run from Pre-built Jars
  • Copy/Download the fdmsecprotomgmt.jar from Runnable-jar folder (from the uploaded file) and on to local drive folder say c:\SecurityProtoMgmt
  • Open a command prompt and cd to the folder, lets say cd c:\SecurityProtoMgmt
  • Run a command like shown below to see various usage commands,
    C:\SecurityProtoMgmt>java -jar fdmsecprotomgmt.jar --help

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