1. Details

Utility program to reconfigure ESXi Virtual Machines (Serial & multi threaded way).

Serial way:

Retrieves all VMs in inventory and perform sequential VM reconfiguration operation.

Multi Threaded way:

Retrieves all Hosts in inventory. From each host, all registered VMs are retrieved and reconfiguration operation on all VMs is done in parallel (Multi-Threaded manner). Once done, next host in the list would be picked up, for reconfiguring its registered VMs.

VM Reconfiguration operation :

It’s just a plain reconfigure VM operation without any changes pushed to the VM. Empty VM config spec is created and applied to VM- which does not affect the source vm configuration. Based on the need or requirement, the VM config spec can be tweaked to apply specific changes on VM(s).

2. How to run the utility program?

i. Import files under the com/vmware/gec folder into your IDE.
ii. Edit 'config.properties' file and update it with your vCenter Server details (IP address & administrator credentials).
iii. Run the utility from 'RunApp' program by providing 'config.properties' as an argument.


  • Based on whether you would like to carry out Serial/MultiThreaded Reconfig VM operation. Comment or uncomment the code in 'RunApp.java' to invoke the respective program.
  • Further based on your requirement, VM Config Spec can be updated with exact configuration changes that you need to apply on each of the VMs. (for example: change Memory, add vNic, vDisk and etc)

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