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What is VMware Ready?

VMware Ready designates VMware's highest level of endorsement for products created by our established partners. VMware Technology Alliance Partner members can develop their products to meet VMware standards and submit them for test and review. The VMware Ready certification tests are specifically designed for each category to ensure customer confidence. Products that meet VMware Ready requirements will display the VMware Ready logo. These products are jointly supported by both the Partner and VMware.

VMware Ready Categories

Application Software

Software vendors that fully support their products on VMware virtualization solutions can qualify for the VMware Ready logo in the Application Software category. The VMware Ready logo visibly demonstrates confidence and simplifies purchase decisions for any customer using a virtualized infrastructure. The Application Software category is open to all vendors, subject to VMware approval.

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Certified Partner Architecture

The VMware Ready Certified Partner Architecture program provides the tools, resources, knowledge, and support to deliver integrated solutions that will help customers achieve successful IT outcomes and accelerate SDDC adoption.

The program will certify that the SDDC architectures made by partners and powered by technologies from VMware (software-defined compute, network, storage and management) incorporate SDDC in a consistent manner with VMware Validated Designs and VMware best practices. The VMware Validated Design is a reference design from VMware that describes the implementation of a software-defined data center (SDDC) and leverages the latest VMware components to create an SDDC with automated provisioning.

End-User Computing

The Horizon Thin Client program enables thin client manufacturers to ensure that their thin client end point solutions (hardware and software) are compatible with Horizon solutions, whether integrating the Horizon Client binaries or a custom client developed to the Horizon specifications.

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Includes Rapid Desktop and Thin Client.

Management and Orchestration

Tools for management and orchestration of virtualized environments will enable you to track and optimize performance, implement flexible integration and automation solutions, reduce overhead in system-wide updates and minimize day-to-day administrative and routine maintenance activities.

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Includes CIM.

Networking and Security

Networking and security solutions are integral components of building agile and secure virtual datacenters. Partner solutions integrated with VMware products deliver security, compliance and advanced networking to help customers leverage their existing investments in network and security solutions, while dramatically improving operational efficiency and agility in their datacenter.

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Includes EPSEC, NetX and NSX.

Platform and Compute

The virtualization of platform and compute resources enables customers to significantly reduce the time it takes to provision custom, multi-tier network topologies and enterprise-class services (from weeks to seconds), cut operating and capital expenditures and increase deployment flexibility.

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Includes Server Certification, IOVP, and vSGA.


The VMware® Ready™ for Storage program enables partners to develop and certify new plug-ins and storage devices, or update existing ones based on availability of new APIs and versions of VMware products. Storage partners can integrate and validate advanced solutions with vSphere, including disaster recovery, multipathing, offload capabilities and storage management.

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Includes Storage Certification, VAAI, and SRM.

vCloud Air

VMware Ready for vCloud Air provides confidence to customers that the partner's application will deploy and work seamlessly within VMware's vCloud Air and hybrid cloud environments.

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Why Should I Join?

VMware partners who qualify their products for the VMware Ready logo are able to put their Technology Alliance Partner membership into action. By completing qualifications for a product under the VMware Ready program, a partner can enjoy the highest level of benefits under the VMware TAP program, including the benefits listed below:


·         Use the VMware Ready Logo

·         Interact directly with VMware to support validated products

·         Benefit from VMware go-to-market programs, include joint press releases

·         Utilize VMware integration technology and tools

·         Broaden market reach and address VMware 250,000+ customers

·         Leverage market leading virtualization solutions

·         Take advantage of 7 million page views by listing products on VMware Solution Exchange

·         Maximize partnership benefits by establishing an Embedded OEM agreement for validated products

The VMware Ready program awards a logo and other program benefits for products in specific, well-defined categories that correspond to key areas of VMware technology. Each category has different technical criteria and different strategic goals, and may provide additional specialized benefits above and beyond the benefits available to all VMware Ready products.