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VMware Horizon Partner Application/Middleware Program

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Program Overview

VMware Horizon Partner Application/Middleware Program enables partners to validate their application/middleware product with VMware Horizon and get a logo and listing on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX) Marketplace.  Please note this is a standalone program. 

Key Benefits

Validated solutions are showcased on VMware Solution Exchange(VSX) marketplace and they get a ‘Partner Ready for VMware Horizon’ badge to promote the solutions and increase market awareness. 


  • Partners will setup the VMware Horizon environment in their own lab
  • Perform the validation testing on the partner product with VMware Horizon
  • Submit the results
  • Publish on the VMware Solution Exchange Marketplace 


Listing and Logo

Upon successful validation, the partner is eligible to update the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.  The partner's application software will receive the "Partner Ready - VMware Horizon" logo on their listing.  The logo can be used in other partner collateral. Partner is required to submit the required collateral to be listed in the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.


  • Maintain membership in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program.
  • Demonstrate successful operation by testing the partner product in a real VMware Horizon environment setup in partners own lab.
  • Publish partner product on the VMware Solution Exchange marketplace
  • Provide customer support for the partner product listed/published on the VMware Solution Exchange marketplace


Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:

VMware Horizon 7.x

Target Partner Products

Application Software products that work with VMware Horizon

Middleware Software products that work with VMware Horizon

For example:

  • Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Network Applications
  • Secure Access (SSO, 2 factor, SAML int)
  • Secure Network (Identity server, secure gateway/load balancer)
  • Unified Communications/Real Time Audio/Video


Get Started

If you are interested in validating your product on VMware Horizon, please submit the onboarding form by clicking on the link on the top of the page CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO JOIN A PROGRAM

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