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VIB Signing - Partner Supported

VIB Signing - Partner Supported

VMware no longer supports Partner Self Signing VIBs with the "Partner Supported" key pair. Partners will need to file a Service Request to process all VIB signing requests under this category. Please follow the following steps for VMware to sign your VIBs with a VMware approved "Partner Supported" key.

  1. You will need to purchase the following SKU to file an SR. Go to and complete the purchase.

Note: Please ensure that you select the correct Entitlement Account (EA) where the Certification Ticket resides. Look for the dropdown box and select the correct EA.

  1. After completion, you will receive an email with your purchase confirmation and license key.
  2. Navigate to At the top of the page is a link for “My VMware”. Click this link. (
  3. This will take you to the "Account Management" page. From here you can supply the email address and password of your account. Now, login to page.
  4. Once your purchase is complete, you should see the SKU under "My VMware Account".
  5. For 6.x based VIBs, partners can login to VMware Integration Validation platform to get their VIBs signed, and can skip the rest of the steps here. 

  6. Then, move the mouse over “Support” and select “Get Support”. (

  7. Select a category related to your Technical issue. (Technical)
  8. In the “Select the Product Associated with the Issue” area, select the Group Support ticket that you purchased, and then click Continue.
  9. You can submit up to 5 unique VIBs to be signed with each SR. You have to submit all the VIBs at the same time.
  10.  Provide the following information along with the VIB while filing the SR. Please provide complete information to expedite the signing process.
    • Please explain the functionality of the VIB
    • Is this VIB an upgrade to an existing signed VIB? [Yes/No]
      • If "Yes", are the changes substantial architectural changes or bug fixes? Please explain with sufficient details.
    • Select the Program that this VIB falls under
      • Host Extensions (SDDC Integration)
      • Custom Image
      • PVSP
      • Others (Please specify Program name)
    • Are you currently enrolled in the Program Selected above? [Yes/No]
    • What SDK was used to build your VIB(s)
      • If using HexDK/ ESXCLI then also provide below additional info
        • A script that runs all the commands and options
        • A log of the outputs from the script including stdout and stderr
        • A support bundle generated after the running of the script


For PVSP Partners only (In addition to questions above, please also answer the following :

NOTE: If you are not currently enrolled in the PVSP Program or your solution is not approved by VMware, you may skip the questions below. For your solution to be considered for the PVSP program, please complete the Vetting Questionnaire found here and submit to the Program Manager.

  • What is the name of the solution?
  • What SDKs have been used in the solution?
  • Is this an update to an approved solution? [Yes/No]
    • If "Yes", what changes have been made?
    • If "No" please note that you have to be enrolled in the Program and the solution has to be approved in order to get your solution signed and listed
  • Is this solution listed on the PVSP site [Yes/No]


To see the support request, move the mouse over “Support” and select “Support Request History” to review your support request as well as upload supporting documents. (

VMware will get back to you with the signed VIB or with further questions if any. 

Note: Please be informed, that none of your existing VIBs that are currently deployed or those that have been recently signed for the latest vSphere releases are affected.


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