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VMware PKS Partner Application Program

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Program Overview

The VMware PKS Partner Application program helps Application Software vendors that fully support their products on VMware virtualization solutions qualify for the "Partner Ready - PKS" logo which visibly demonstrates confidence and simplifies purchase decisions for any customer using a virtualized infrastructure. The VMware PKS Partner Application program is open to all vendors, subject to VMware approval.

Key Benefits

Qualified partners will have Program access for free validation of partner software on a PKS environment provided by VMware and be listed on the VMware Solution Exchange with the Partner Ready logo.

Benefits to partner:

  • Partners get access to a PKS environment (latest releases) to validate their Applications
  • Partners get support to debug issues with validation process and with the product as well
  • Partners get to use the "Partner Ready for VMware PKS" logo in their collateral
  • Partners get to list their application on the VMware Marketplace
  • Partners get GTM benefits from VMware (PR, blog post etc)


Benefits to customer:

  • Customers get assurance that Partner Applications have been tested on VMware PKS
  • Customers get a support path leading to VMware through the partner
  • VMware field can recommend the partner solution in customer engagements having the peace of mind that it was validated on our platform for production workload


The PKS Validation uses VMware's Learning Platform cloud environment.   This enables partners to run the tests in a VMware pre-configured and ready-to-use validation test bed in the cloud. The test bed is set up with PKS Enterprise and tools that are pre-configured to run the tests.   Partners will upload their application to the environment, configure their application and perform tests on their application in the cloud.

Partners submit requests for validation via a private development project on Developer Center Partner Network (DCPN), a web-based, secure collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Services team.

Listing and Logo

Upon successful validation, the partner is eligible to update the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.  The partner's application software will receive the "Partner Ready - PKS" logo  in their listing.  The logo can be used in other partner collateral. Partner is required to submit the required collateral to be listed in the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.


  • Maintain membership in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program.
  • Submit explicit support statement for the application.
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal.
  • Demonstrate successful operation by passing the tests prescribed by and submitting the results to VMware.
  • Publish product on the VMware Solution Exchange.


Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:

PKS 1.3.4 and PKS 1.4.0.

Get Started

To get started and express interest in enrolling in the VMware PKS Partner Application Program, please fill-in the online Partner Onboarding Form. Select "VMware PKS Partner Application Program" in the Program Name field.

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