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Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS

Program Overview

Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS program enables partners to validate their application/infrastructure component on VMware Cloud on AWS. Partners extend their on-premise solution capabilities to the cloud and ensure consistent user experience and functionality on VMware Cloud on AWS. This increases customers’ confidence in their solutions. Please note this is a standalone program. 

Note: In the next 90 days, this program will be extended to include VMware Cloud on Dell EMC and VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts. The new program name and logo will be transitioned to Partner Ready for VMware Cloud. Details will be provided shortly

Key Benefits

Validated solutions are showcased on VMware Solution Exchange(VSX) and they get a ‘Partner Ready for VMware Cloud on AWS’ badge to promote the solutions and increase market awareness. 


There are two ways to test existing applications or infrastructure components with VMware Cloud on AWS:

  • through the no-charge VMware Cloud on AWS instance prvoided by VMware in this program or
  • through a dedicated development VMware Cloud on AWS instance purchased at a discounted rate.

Partners will upload their solution to the environment, configure their solution and perform tests on their solution in the cloud.

Listing and Logo

Upon successful validation, the partner is eligible to update the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.  The partner's application software will receive the "Partner Ready - VMware Cloud on AWS" logo in their listing.  The logo can be used in other partner collateral. Partner is required to submit the required collateral to be listed in the VMware Solutions Exchange Marketplace.


  • Maintain membership in the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program.
  • Demonstrate successful operation by testing the product in a real VMware Cloud on AWS environment provided by VMware.
  • Publish product on the VMware Solution Exchange.


Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:

VMware Cloud on AWS 1.x

Get Started

If you are interested in validating your product on VMware Cloud on AWS, please email

Each distinct partner product will run through an application process to participate in this program.

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VMware Cloud on AWS

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