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SDDC Integration Program

The new VMware Software-Defined Data Center Integration program from VMware Ecosystem Services allows partners to certify hardware products and software solutions that have met specific VMware integration and interoperability standards.


Key Benefits

Development Resources

SDDC Integration program includes access to packages, tools and resources to enable partners to develop, certify and release hardware products and software solutions. As a member of this program, you will be provided with the latest versions of a number of packages, product communications on VMware vSphere release dates, certification policies, and product features.


The program includes access to the program's Certification Kits, allowing partners to test the reliability and stability of their product/solution to meet VMware Certification listing requirements. VMware verifies that the test results support the partner during the certification process. Upon successful certification, partners work with Ecosystem Services to update the VMware Compatibility Guide entry on Certification against most of the packages allow the partner to use the VMware Ready logo in product collateral.

VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Once the partner's product is certified under the terms of the program, it is listed in the VMware Compatibility Guide and partners may use the VMware Ready™ logo in product collateral.

Program Communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated development kit and milestones.

Access to Maintenance Releases

Membership in this program is a yearly subscription. Partners are entitled to vSphere and vCenter update releases as well as development and certification kit refreshes for the duration of their participation in the program. Additionally, the program allows for access to early versions of vSphere for the purpose of development and testing.

Program Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintain current TAP membership status for program participation
  • Fully executed VMware SDDC Integration program addendum
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the respective Program Guides
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal
  • General support on View and vSphere features is purchased separately.
  • The NSX, VAIO, vROPs, PSA and IOVP Packages included in the Program require Partner to submit a questionnaire to VMware for approval prior to access. For these Packages, VMware will select from among eligible applicants based on the best opportunities for deploying successful solutions that are aligned with VMware’s business and strategic goals for the usage of a particular Package. Download the questionnaires from the NSX, VAIO, vROPs, PSA and IOVP package pages.


SDDC Integration Pricing


Maintain current TAP membership status
SDDC Integration  $ 7500/year


SDDC Integration Packages

The SDDC Integration program includes access to all of the development and certification packages listed below.

Management and Orchestration

vRealize Log Insight

Develop, validate, and publish your own vRealize Log Insight Content Packs.


vSphere Web Client Plug-in Certification

Certify your web client plug-in to ensure good end user experience.

vRealize Orchestrator Plug-ins

Provide flexible and rich integration and automation solutions through vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins.

Platform and Compute

Common Information Model (CIM)

Develop and certify Common Information Model (CIM) providers for vSphere management functions.

Host Extensions

Create a better management experience for vSphere customers using host profile plug-ins.

Host Profiles

Access the tools and resources to build and certify host-based extensions for vSphere.

I/O Vendor Partner (IOVP)

Develop and certify device drivers for NICs and Storage HBAs. 

Key Management Server

Certify vendor Key Management Servers that are KMIP 1.1 compliant with vSphere 6.5 VM Encryption feature.

Server Certification

Develop ESXi-compatible hardware devices and obtain official certification and support.

Storage and Availability

Overview of Storage Programs and Packages

The Storage category is open to qualified TAP Elite partners interested in building and certifying storage devices for vSphere. Begin by certifying hardware for compatibility, then move to certify advanced integrated solutions with vSphere, such as disaster recovery, multipathing, offload capabilities, and storage management.

Site Recovery Manager

Create and validate unique Storage Replication Adapters (SRAs) for VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Storage Virtual Appliances

Certify storage virtual appliances for compatibility with VMware vMotion, HA, and other vSphere features.

vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)

Integrate virtual infrastructure with your storage array solution to enable more efficiency and functionality.

vSphere APIs for Array Integration (for NAS)

Enable your storage arrays to support granular virtual disks and deliver better services optimized for vSphere.

Pluggable Storage Architecture (PSA) Framework

Deliver performance-enhancing, multi-pathing, and load-balancing behaviors optimized per array.

Storage Hardware Certification

Certify your storage hardware as VMware Ready and ensure support for joint customers.

Virtual Volumes

Enable your storage arrays to support granular virtual disks and deliver better services optimized for vSphere.

Networking & Security

NSX Partner

NSX provides a platform for best-of-breed solutions from ecosystem partners to help customers optimize their Software Defined Data Center deployments. The "VMware Ready for Networking and Security NSX Partner Program" enables, provides support and certification for partners' integration with NSX..

Compare Software-Defined Data Center Programs

VMware Ecosystem Services currently offers two Software-Defined Data Center programs:

  • SDDC Foundation, for basic server and storage hardware certification
  • SDDC Integration, for creating complex hardware and software solutions, includes all the packages in the SDDC Foundation program along with many other development and certification resources

Use the table below to determine which program is right for you and to learn more about each package.

Documentation and Reference