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NSX Partner (Network and Security Services) Program

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NSX provides a platform for best-of-breed solutions from ecosystem partners to help customers optimize their Software Defined Data Center deployments. The "VMware Ready for Networking and Security NSX Partner Program" enables, provides support and certification for partners' integration with NSX.

Program Overview

This program is available as part of the SDDC Integration Program. Membership in SDDC Integration Program is a pre-requisite to gain access to the NSX Partner Program materials.

The NSX platform can be extended to enable partners services workflows to automate of provisioning, insertion, consumption and operations in the Software Defined Data Center. Partner services can leverage the NSX distributed service framework and service insertion platform that allows service composition at multiple points in the virtual network and Cloud. Services from ecosystem partners are integrated with the NSX platform in the management, control and data planes for a unified user experience and seamless integration with any Cloud Management Platform, while allowing for roles and duties separation.

Extend - partner can augment on top of an NSX component to add more features

Replace customer can replace an NSX component with a partner component.

Complement Partners provide new services and components that NSX does not include.

Supported  Use Cases are:

NSX for vSphere:

  1. Anti-virus (AV)
  2. Intrusion Prevention/Intrusion detection System (IPS/IDS)
  3. Firewall extension to NSX Firewall 
  4. Network Monitoring
  5. L2 Gateway between virtual and Physical networking (no longer available to new partners)

NSX-T Data Center:

  1. VMware Guest Introspection (NXGI): Agentless Endpoint Protection.
  2. VMware Network Service Insertion: Service Chaining for NSX-T Data Center (IDS/IPS, Firewall, Network Monitoring), Edge Service Insertion for NSX-T Data Center (IDS/IPS, Firewall).

If you are interested in these use cases please fill out the Onboarding Form on for SDDC Integration found on VMware {code}.

Key Benefits

Program access includes the tools and resources needed during development and release.

The NSX partner Program offering includes:

  • NSX Bits access for partners
  • SDK – available to partner on VMware {code}
  • Certification:
    • Cloud lab with a pre-set environment for testing, Certification guide/documents available on VMware {code}. Self certification tools available for the L2 Gateway use case.
    • Partner solutions that pass the certification will be listed in VMware Comparability Guide (VCG) and can apply for the "VMware Ready for Networking and Security" Logo.
  •  Support:
    • Pre Partner GA - Development and Engineering Support: Partners report issues on DCPN, technical Support, design review at checkpoints.
    • Post Partner GA - customers: VMware/Partner joint Customer Support for 3rd party products (GSS)
  • Access to Maintenance Releases

Membership in this program when renewed, entitles partners to vSphere and NSX update releases as well as development and certification kit refreshes for the duration of their participation in the program. Additionally, the program may allow for access to early versions of vSphere or NSX for the purpose of developing and testing.

Program Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintaining TAP membership enrollment is a pre-requisite to be considered for the NSX Partner program
  • VMware program agreement signature
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • General support on VMware vSphere features is purchased separately

Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:


6.5, 6.7, 7.0

NSX for vSphere


6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4

2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0


Target Audience

  • Security partners
  • Network Services partners

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Partners who participate in the program need to include the following team members:

A partner program manager that acts as the primary point of contact on behalf of their team, and who acts as the lead for planning and issue prioritization with VMware.

A partner engineering manager and/or technical lead that is the primary point of contact for the partner's engineering team, reviews all VMware support requests submitted by the partner's engineering team, provides an interface to the partner's QE organization, and attends all status calls and live debugging sessions with VMware.

A partner Product manager that will align roadmaps, workflows, product features

A partner technical support contact that manages the support relationship with VMware, owns and serves as a single point of contact for all support-related activities, including escalations and management of the TSANet membership, and ensures overall support readiness and training of the partner's support organization.

Partner needs to keep the VMware Comparability Guide (VCG) listing up to date: partner new releases and VMware ESX and NSX new releses.

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