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Horizon Validations Package

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(This package is part of the EUC Foundation program and EUC Integration Program)

The VMware Horizon Validations Package enables partners to validate/certify Virtual Volumes (VVols) at scale with Horizon workflows [500 to 2000] and also enables partners to validate/certify VCAI (View Composer Array Integration) at scale with Horizon workflows [500 – 2000].


The goal of the VMware Horizon Validations package is to enable partners to either of following or both:

  • Validate/certify Virtual Volumes at scale with Horizon workflows [500 to 2000]
  • Validate/certify VCAI (View composer Array Integration) at scale with Horizon workflows [500 – 2000]

Maintaining TAP membership status is a pre-requisite.

Key Benefits

  • Certification

The program includes access to the Horizon Validation package’s Certification Kit, which allows partners to test and certify/validate their Horizon based solutions.

  • VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) Posting

Upon successful certification, the partner works with Ecosystem Services to update the respective VMware Compatibility Guide entry or as per the program guide.

  • VCAI VMware Compatibility Guide.
  • VVols-Horizon VMware Compatibility Guide.

Certification Prerequisites

  • Fulfillment of all certification specific prerequisites
  • VCAI - Horizon Validation/Certification requires that the VAAI NAS plugins be ESX certified and listed on the respective ESX VCGs.
  • VVols - Horizon Validation/Certification require that the VVols be ESX certified and listed on the respective ESX VCGs.

Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:

  • VMware Horizon 6.x
  • VMware Horizon 7.x

Target Audience

Storage partners who have either one or both of the following:

  • Virtual Volume solutions (VVols) 
  • VAAI NAS plugins.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Partners who participate in the certification provide the following team members:

A partner contact who acts as the primary point of contact on behalf of the team and who acts as the lead for planning and issue prioritization with VMware.

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The certifications in this program lead to listings on the following VCGs:




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