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EUC Integration

VMware offers a wide variety of partner programs for hardware and software development. The End User Computing (EUC) programs provide certifications for Turnkey Appliances, storage and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) solutions. Some certifications provide the VMware Ready EUC logo. VMware certifications are listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide.


Key Benefits

Development Resources

Program access includes the tools and resources needed during the development and release phases.

  • VMware's Advanced Developer Center Portal

The Developer Center portal is a web-based collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Services team and provides access to all the program entitlements and materials.

  • Access to the pre-release versions of the Horizon product, Horizon Client Binaries and other EUC products

Partners receive access to the pre-release versions of the Horizon product, Horizon Client binaries and other EUC products for integration into various partner solutions. 

Partners receive access to program assets related to the various EUC certifications such as Turnkey Appliances, Proven Storage, Reference architectures, VCAI (View Composer Array Integration) and VVOLs (Virtual Volumes) with Horizon at scale.

  • Certification Kits and Guides

The program includes access to certification kits and guides that describe the certification procedures and test cases for certifying/validating Turnkey Appliances, Proven Storage, Reference architectures, VCAI (View Composer Array Integration) and VVOLs (Virtual Volumes) with Horizon at scale.

  • VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Upon successful certification, partners work with Ecosystem Services to update the VMware compatibility guide entry on where applicable as per the individual program guides. Once a partner's products is certified under the terms of the program, a partner may use the VMware Ready™ EUC logo in product collateral as per guidelines. notice that the VMware Ready EUC logo is only valid for Turnkey Appliances and Proven Storage certifications. 

Partners may self-register their certified and listed products on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX).

  • Program Communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated products, APIs and associated milestones.

  • Access to Maintenance Releases

Membership in this program is ongoing, and partners are entitled to the certification kit updates for the duration of their participation in the program.

  • Access to Exclusive VMware Tools

Membership in the program may give access to exclusive tools that benefit partners.

  • Services Available

Optional Paid Development Consulting is now available on request for partners involved with Horizon Access program.

Program Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintain TAP status
  • Fully executed VMware EUC Integration program addendum
  • Adherence to prerequisites and requirements of the individual packages included in the program
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide
  • TSANet membership and an entry in the VMware custom TSANet portal
  • General support on Horizon, other EUC products and vSphere features is purchased separately
  • Partner must submit a completed questionnaire to be considered for participation in the program

EUC Integration Pricing


TAP Access  $ 750/year
EUC Integration   $ 5000/year


TAP level listed is the minimum required


EUC Integration Packages

Horizon Access

The program provides information and pre-release materials to partners to enable them to create products that are compatible with End User Computing products.

Rapid Desktop (Horizon FastTrack)

The goal of the VMware Horizon Fast Track program (formerly called Rapid Desktop and FastTrack program) is to accelerate the adoption of View by enabling an ecosystem of pre-assembled, easily requested certified appliances, validated reference architectures and certified storage solutions.

Horizon Validations

The VMware Horizon Validations Program enables partners to validate/certify Virtual Volumes at scale with Horizon workflows [500 to 2000] and also enables partners to validate/certify View Composer Array Integration (VCAI) at scale with Horizon workflows [500 – 2000].

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