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Virtual Volumes (VVols) Package

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Package Overview

Welcome to Virtual Volumes (VVols) Certification


Virtual Volumes, or VVols, is a new VMware technology that will be supported with vSphere 6.0.  The technology extends VMware’s software-defined storage model to external storage.  VVols transforms SAN/NAS into VM-centric devices by making the virtual disk a native representation of the VM at the array level, and enables app-centric, policy-based automation of SAN and NAS based services.

VVols has drawn strong interest from our storage partners. 

The VVols package can be accessed by enrolling in the SDDC Integration Program. This package allows partners to enable their storage arrays to support granular virtual disks and deliver better services optimized for vSphere releases. Through this package, we offer a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help storage array and management applications partners develop virtual volumes capable firmware and out-of-band management components in accordance with VMware's API Specifications. This package also allows partners to develop a VVols-compatible VASA Provider along with the underlying storage array firmware to be certified and listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide (vCG).

Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


6.5, 6.7, 7.0

Target Audience

  • Storage partners

Related Programs and Services

  • SDDC Integration program (VASA, SRM)


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