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Partner Verified and Supported (PVSP) Program

PVSP is an innovative new program which enables partners to create and offer new and emerging solutions which are listed in the PVSP section of the VMware Compatibility Guide. In this program, partners verify their product offering using VMware's guidelines, and provide direct support to customers. 

Program Overview

The PVSP Program provides a scalable opportunity for partners to promote their technologies which cannot be certified through any of the existing VMware certification programs. It allows partners to collaborate with VMware on strategic technology that does not fall under an existing program. All partner verified products will be listed on the Partner Verified and Supported Products listing under the VMware Compatibility Guide. As of December 2015, all Metro-distance Storage Clustering solutions will also be listed under PVSP. The below questionnaire includes a section for these solutions. 

Note: This program allows enrollment by invitation only and is a standalone program. i.e. If a partner makes a case for a solution to be a fit for PVSP  (using the questionnaire below) and the solution is approved, only then is the partner enrolled in this program and the solution listed.

If a partner sponsor within VMware is introducing a partner solution as a fit for PVSP, then the partner sponsor will have to make the case to the PVSP team based on partner solution.

NEW: The program is now on a subscription model. Please look for details in the updated Program guide below.

Key Benefits

  • Program Support

Partners enrolled in the program are eligible for a private partner _PR project on DCPN , a web-based, secure collaboration tool used by the VMware Ecosystem Engineering team.

  • Access to the Development Kits

Partners receive access to the following GA development kits: VAAI Block, VAAI NAS, Host Extensions CLI, SRM, VDS, PSA, DDK, CIM.

  • VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Upon successful program acceptance, the partner works with Ecosystem Engineering to add the solution in the Partner Verified and Supported section of the VMware Compatible Guide.

  • Knowledge Base Article

Upon successful program acceptance, the partner writes a knowledge base article that describes the partner product, and describes the product verification and support model. Approval by VMware required.

  • Program communication

Ongoing program communications pertaining to updated development kit and milestones.

Program Requirements

This program is governed by the following requirements:

  • Maintain current TAP membership status for program participation
  • VMware PVSP program agreement
  • Adherence to product support requirements as documented in the program guide. 
  • Collaborate with VMware on a strategic review of the partner product for every new version of vSphere
  • If partner solutions require a VIB, please review the acceptance levels listed here. The VIB should be signed as Partner Supported. 
  • File a Support Request (SR) using the Equivalency and Compatibility Request listed on the VMware store.
  • Partners should submit VIB for signature using VMware Integration Validation (VIVa) platfrom For more details, refer to

This program supports the following product versions:


6.5, 6.7, 7.x

Target Audience

  • Partners with innovative products who want to work closely with VMware but cannot be certified by an existing VMware program.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Please read the Program Guide instructions. If interested in PVSP please fill out the below questionnaire and submit it for review with

Partners who participate in the program provide the following team members:

A partner program manager that acts as the primary point of contact on behalf of their team.

An partner engineering manager and/or technical lead that is the primary point of contact for the partner's engineering team, provides an interface to the partner's QE organization.

A partner Customer Support Manager that manages the support relationship with VMware, owns and serves as a single point of contact for all support-related activities, including escalations and management of the TSANet membership, and ensures overall support readiness and training of the partner's support organization.

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