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Host Profiles Package

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wef 06.11.17, Host Profile cert plugins are declared End Of Life and the VMware Ecosystem Services Engineering team will cease to accept certification requests for partner solutions. However, Please note, the End Of Life does not change the rest of the Host Profile Program, its current support, payment structure and other program activities.

The package falls under the SDDC Integration umbrella. Membership in SDDC Integration ia a prerequisite to gain access to the Host Profiles materials

Create a better management experience for vSphere customers using host profile plug-ins. The Host Profiles package guides partners through the development and certification of host profile plug-ins that are compatible with vSphere .

Package Overview

The Host Profiles package guides ecosystem partners through the development and certification of host-profile plug-ins that are compatible with vSphere and listed on the VMware Compatibility Guide.

The Host Profiles package leverages the VMware host profiles extensibility framework. Partners can:

  • Create profiles that encapsulate the host configuration and help to manage the host configuration, especially in environments where an administrator manages more than one host or cluster in vCenter Server.
  • Eliminates per-host, manual, or UI-based host configuration and maintains configuration consistency and accuracy across the datacenter by using host profile policies.
  • Captures the blueprint of a known, validated reference host configuration and uses this to configure networking, storage, security, and other settings on multiple hosts or clusters. End-customers can then check a host or cluster against a profile's configuration for any deviations.

Provide confidence of interoperability through test tools

Partner host profile plug-ins are asynchronous and can be submitted for certification at any time.

Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


 6.5, 6.7, 7.x

Target Audience

  • Server partners
  • Storage partners
  • IOVP partners

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