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Host Extensions Package

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Host-based extensions or plug-ins broaden the ESXi hypervisor platform and give customers a rich set of value-added host management solutions. The Host Extensions package (HEX) provides partners with development tools and resources for releasing these host-based extensions.

Figure 1. Host Extensions Architecture

Package Overview

The Host Extensions Package (HEX) provides partners with development tools and resources for releasing host-based extensions or plug-ins for the ESXi hypervisor platform.   These extensions, while partner-signed and partner-supported, qualify for an entry in the VMware knowledgebase.

The HEX package leverages the VMware ESXCLI extensibility framework.  This package is targeted at:

·       A partner utility that is run standalone

·       A partner utility that contains less than 100 command options which require porting from the ESX hypervisor to vSphere 5.0

Package Benefits

Provide confidence of interoperability through test tools

This package includes test tools that verify the plug-in interoperates with the system and does not introduce undesirable effects.

Important Note About the Development Kit

The HEX DK is a cross-compiling toolchain that targets the minimalist ESXi environment, which is similar to embedded environments.  Porting complex software to this environment typically involves an effort comparable to porting that software to minimalist appliance-type environments.  The support libraries provided by the Workbench tool, through which access to the HEX DK is provided by VMware, are not directly tied to ESXi.  An ESXi development design requires both logical and functional separation of the support libraries.  

Product Versions Supported

This package supports the following product versions:


6.5, 6.7, 7.x

Target Audience

  • Server partners
  • Storage partners
  • IHV partners

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