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Rapid Desktop (Horizon FastTrack) Package

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(This package is part of the EUC Foundation program and EUC Integration Program)

The VMware Horizon Fast Track Package (Formerly called Rapid Desktop and Fast Track Program) includes certification/validation for three types of solutions from our technology partners, Turnkey Appliances, Validated Reference Architectures and Proven Storage solutions. These take the guess work out of deploying Horizon and ensure fast deployments with predictable results and costs. Rapid Desktop Appliances (Turnkey Appliances) with pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested, and validated software, storage and components offer a one-stop shop for Horizon deployment. Validated Reference Architectures provide standard, repeatable, and scalable designs for quickly and easily deploying Horizon with a customer's vendor of choice. Proven Storage solutions are certified to offer specific workload performance for 1000 and 2000 seat Horizon deployments.


The goal of the VMware Horizon Fast Track package (Formerly called Rapid Desktop and Fast Track program) is to accelerate the adoption of View by enabling an ecosystem of pre-assembled easily orderable certified appliances, validated reference architectures and certified storage solutions. The package includes the following three individual certifications/Validations:

  • VMware Ready Turnkey Appliances certification
  • VMware Ready Proven Storage certification
  • Validated Reference Architectures

Key Benefits

  • Certification

The program includes access to the Horizon Fast Track package's Certification Kit, which allows partners to test and certify/validate their Horizon based solutions.

  • Cobranding and Co-marketing

Upon successful certification/validation, listing on the VMware marketing website and other benefits. The VMware marketing websites are exclusively created for this program on the VMware Solution Exchange (VSX). One for each type of certification/validation

  • VMware Ready Turnkey Appliances marketing VSX page
  • VMware Ready Proven Storage marketing VSX page
  • Validated Reference Architectures marketing VSX page
  • VMware Compatibility Guide (VCG) posting

Upon successful certification, the partner works with Ecosystem Services to update the respective VMware Compatibility Guide entry or as per the program guide for Turnkey Appliances and Proven Storage. 

  • VMware Ready Turnkey Appliances VMware Compatibility Guide
  • VMware Ready Proven Storage VMware Compatibility Guide

Certification Prerequisites

  • Fulfillment of all certification specific prerequisites
  • Turnkey Appliances must be assembled from ESX certified individual components (server, storage, etc) as listed on the various component ESX VCGs.
  • Validated Reference architectures must be composed from ESX certified individual components (server, storage, etc) as listed on the various component ESX VCGs.
  • In the Proven Storage certification, the storage and all other individual components used (server, etc) must be ESX certified and listed on the various component ESX VCGs.

Product Versions Supported

This program supports the following product versions:

VMware Horizon (with View)

6.x, 7.x

View Planner/Horizon Planner


Target Audience

  • OEMs, Channel Partners, Storage partners, Solution Providers and CIPP (Consulting and Integration Partner Program) members capable of providing, or partnering to provide, a full Horizon POC solution or a production ready Horizon Appliance or a Horizon reference architecture.
  • Storage partners who would like to certify their storage solution with specific workload performance for Horizon deployments.

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

Partners who participate in the program provide the following team members:
A partner program manager who acts as the primary point of contact on behalf of the team and who acts as the lead for planning and issue prioritization with VMware.

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VMware Ready Category

VMware Ready EUC Logo for Certified Turnkey Appliances (Rapid Desktop Appliances)

VMware Ready EUC Logo for Certified Proven Storage

The certifications in this program lead to listings on the following VCGs:

Turnkey Appliances VCG

Proven Storage VCG

The certifications are also listed on the Program VSX pages

Validated Reference Architectures are not eligible for VMware Ready logo

VSX page is

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