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pmcgraw  2020-07-11 07:24:37 PDT
@pmcgraw has joined the channel
subodhpachghare  2020-07-11 05:55:37 PDT
@subodhpachghare has joined the channel
harish.kalyanpur  2020-07-11 01:12:12 PDT
jason.northup  2020-07-10 20:13:29 PDT
it passes the test in design?
harish.kalyanpur  2020-07-10 19:21:59 PDT
Has anybody got puppet integration working with vra8. I am getting JSON syntax errors while deploying blueprint.
jason.livingston  2020-07-10 14:38:34 PDT
@jason.livingston has joined the channel
lf  2020-07-10 10:54:21 PDT
oh absolutely, already starting to read the docs. thanks again everyone!
czoller  2020-07-10 10:53:29 PDT
Please read the documentation on how HA works, its requirements, and how to set it up and configure it.
czoller  2020-07-10 10:52:50 PDT
Yes, it's included in Standard.
lf  2020-07-10 10:52:39 PDT
I can reach out to my rep :slightly_smiling_face:


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