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Two tunnel vtep & 2 vtep is down petitbleuavassys 0 8 26 minutes ago
Seeking NSX-T2.5 to provide NSX network solutions for k8s running on bare metal SilenCN 1 30 2 hours ago
Even after enabling BGP on UI on Tire0-GW, still on the CLI, it shows as BGP as "Administratively shut down". dtrajan 11 186 4 hours ago
integration between NSX-T global Manager and Vcloud director asdasp123 5 95 12 hours ago
NSX-T 3.0 Federation [ANSWERED] Marcin4 2 138 12 hours ago
How to automatically add VM to my deep security group on NSX-T NeoChen176 6 106 15 hours ago
Register manually deployed NSX-T Manager to cluster (due to OVA deployment timeouts) MasterWayZ 8 210 22 hours ago
NSX-T 3.0 SNMP TRAP configuration. SNMP traps are not send for alarms sourced by edge nodes. [ANSWERED] AdamKmet 2 115 1 day ago
NSX-T overlay network configuration tunnel status shown as 'Not available' D_G_Tal 3 130 1 day ago
Poor performance with Overlay on NSX-T 2.5.1 with vSphere 6.7U3 chadc1979 3 146 1 day ago
NSX-T tag management EricPedersen 1 154 1 day ago
NSX machine isolation through API calls [ANSWERED] AYousri 2 93 1 day ago
2 gateways, how to choose the right gateway with the right server ? [ANSWERED] btsoh 6 123 1 day ago
I've configured syslog on nsx-edge, but the logs are being forwarded from the vcenter to the syslog server and not from the edge. Is this an expected behaviour of nsx-edge ? Is there a wau to forward logs from the edge? kruthika04 5 170 1 day ago
account locked vSohill 2 146 1 day ago