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IVirtualMachineOperations.StartProgramInGuest returns -1073740791 instead of the new process id that has been started. Then all further calls fail with internal server error. rohith470 1 80 17 hours ago
Unable to create directory using CreateTemporaryDirectoryInGuest shrutipawar 0 68 7 days ago
Vmware Vcenter : AccountManager and virtualizationManager in Web Services are Unset jrakotoa 0 82 18 days ago
PowerCLI 6.3 changes with VimClient.Connect() for C# - SSL/TLS Error CaptainCrunchNow 7 2819 25 days ago
GuestOperationsUnavailable [ANSWERED] kcreed 15 1284 1 month ago
How to copy Thin Provisioned Disk(vmdk file) from one data store to another through vCenter Server? atoka 0 119 1 month ago
vSphere SDK that tells if vCenter supports a particular ESXi version litty123 0 107 1 month ago
List all datacenters, hosts, virtual machines using web sdk (suds) utsav_popli 0 105 1 month ago
Using vimPort to createTask failed , reporting task type not correct. maxpaynebupt 1 161 1 month ago
Add an existing hard disk hilavergil 1 125 2 months ago
USE vSphere Management SDK for vSphere 6.7(C#) To ReConfig VM CPU and Memory gz959 0 172 2 months ago
(.NET SDK or Python vmomi namespace) + vSphere 6.5. Get ESXi Server VMFS Datastore SCSI Device Name. Get ESXi Server RDM SCSI Device Name. Isgramor 0 114 2 months ago
Query Historical Data using PerformanceManager, C# and VMware.Vim.dll for vSphere 6.5 GhostTyper 0 136 2 months ago
Getting Esx and guest Vms Performance Data Using Vmware Sdk vmware.vim C# (vmware management sdk for .net) shahinnemati93 1 545 2 months ago
"vDS dvs port cannot be found" when deleting a port mirroring session adri_costin 2 2742 2 months ago