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  • API Overview
    Overview You can use the REST API of container management service to manage the overall lifecycle of provisioned containers. The service also allows to define business policy based intelligent placeme ...
  • API Overview
    Network Service API Specification What is the Network Service REST API? The network service provides features that allow you to manage network and security settings. It acts as an abstraction layer ov ...
  • API Overview
    Reservation Service You can use the Reservation Service to manage reservations. A reservation is a pool of resources for provisioning, consisting of several different types of resources. For example, ...
  • API Overview
    Content Management Service API Specification What Is the Content Management Service? You can use the content management service REST API to import and export content, such as blueprints, software comp ...
  • API Overview
    Software Service API Specification What Is the Software Service REST API? The software service: Triggers the execution lifecycle of software components using the software agent. Is responsible for reg ...