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Monitor, Prioritize, Troubleshoot, and Trend Mobile App Performance in Real Time

Apteligent enables developers to capture real-time event data from key user flows in your app: screen load time, network events, crash reports, and more. Track key metrics, improve your app release-over-release, and focus on issues that matter to your users. Leverage billions of data points about the mobile ecosystem to benchmark your app and make data-driven decisions.

Core Capabilities


Symbolication is the process of translating stack traces into a human-readable form by mapping hexadecimal addresses to function names using symbol file(s). Apteligent automatically symbolicates crashes once you have uploaded your app’s symbol...

Service Monitoring

Whenever an app makes a network call, Apteligent monitors and captures certain information, such as the service name, device type, device OS and OS...

Usage Tracking

An app load occurs whenever a user launches the app on their device. When the user begins using an instrumented application, the library automatically...

Opt out

Certain app users might want to opt out of Apteligent logging and tracking. Apteligent provides a static opt-out status setting that disables all app...

Key Use Cases


Application Performance Management

Apteligent empowers you to manage performance and user experience in the face of millions of potential configurations.

User Behavior

Identify the most important flows in your app and understand your app’s adoption with precise data.

Business Insights

Get a real-time global view of app health and performance with benchmarking to improve business on mobile.



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